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Laurens van Houten, rock-photographer since 1966, covered in an image almost all of the big names in rock-history such as:-

Jimi Hendrix
early Clapton and Lennon
early Bob Marley
Queen and U2 since 1981
the Rolling Stones since 1970

..... and many other big names.

Prints in a size of 40 x 50 cm. are available for hardcore fans only.

The current price is 100 (GBP),- or $150 (US),-.

Please mention the name of the artist and a number which you can find on the screen, or if not, a downloaded copy will also suffice.

You can send cash to:

Laurens van Houten
Postbus 27
2000 AA Haarlem

You will receive your picture within three weeks.