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These are functioning shareware versions - please register any shareware according to the author's terms of usage. - 827Kb
..... Goldwave 4.02, the latest version of a very fast, feature rich and fully functional sound editor. This zip file also includes the aspi32 interface that some IDE CD drives require to function correctly ... - 169Kb
..... CD Copy for 95 & NT allows a pregap size of 0-150ms - great for live concerts etc... - 1,199Kb
..... An improved and somewhat larger version of CD Copy for 95 & NT, with extra buttons and even more options. - 308Kb
..... CD WAV editor for 95 & NT, which allows you to edit a large "wav" file and then split, using sectors, into smaller files, removing the dreaded 2 second gaps and the "clicks" and "pops" between tracks, caused by files not being saved in the true 75sectors/sec format required by CD-R's etc... great for live concerts. - 167Kb
..... A simple, but pretty reliable CD ripper for 95 & NT. - 294Kb
..... A very good CD ripper for 95 & NT. - 472Kb
..... Great CD Burning and copying software for 95 & NT. - 301Kb
..... A simple, but effective mp3 to wav converter for 95 & NT.

For convenience and to stay within the maximum 1Mb file size allowed by "hotmail" for uploading, some of the following the files are zipped to fit onto a 720Kb floppy disk, as they form part of a much large original file set.

Download each file, in turn onto a separate, labelled floppy disk, by "right-clicking" with your mouse and choosing "save as" or "save target as". Once you have downloaded the complete set you can then commence the installation, using WinZIP, from the first disk. WinZIP will then ask you for the last disk of the set to confirm the correct total checksum before giving further instructions on what to do.

Do not re-name the files, even though each file from a set shares the same file name. This is the reason for saving on separate floppy disks, as otherwise the un-archiving process may not work correctly!!

Digital Audio Restoration Technology

.......... download disk 1 - 713Kb
.......... download disk 2 - 713Kb
.......... download disk 3 - 713Kb
.......... download disk 4 - 538Kb An improved version (v1.14) is now available for ordering from Tracertek - check out their web site for ordering details.
Tracertek's Web Site URL


.......... download disk 1 - 641Kb